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To all those who helped me two years ago during my Crowdfunding and to all those who support me or who just love what I do. _ It’s been a long time since I shared anything related to my project. I leave you here a brief overview of two years of work upstream. The table is too small to display everything, dozens of drawings, colors in progress and since it’s mostly what I spent most of my time: almost 600 A4 pages of notes in the 3 big binders , not counting some notebooks scattered here and there for writing the book. The real work of writing in itself has begun (a good sixty pages blackened). Today I already know that a volume will not be enough. It is a long process. In addition to   (...)

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Illustration vikings - WIP logo knot type Urnes

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Entre deux paragraphes d’écriture et tri de notes pour le bouquin je bosse à la réfection de mon site web et à un nouveau logo. Aujourd’hui j’ai passé la journée sur une lettrine en entrelacs de types"Urnes". Style que j’affectionne particulièrement pour ses déliés et l’esthétique presque "art nouveau" qui s’en dégage. Un travail hyper intéressant qui demande de se laisser emporter par les courbes en gardant à l’esprit une certaine logique. Entre mathématiques et poésie. (et doliprane) En tout cas il n’y a rien de mieux pour se vider la tête et ne penser à rien d’autre. je me ferai un plaisir de le montrer en entier une fois qu’il sera terminé...   (...)

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Vikings Illustration - WIP logo knot Urnes type

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Between two paragraphs of writing and sorting notes for the book I work on the repair of my website and a new logo. Today I spent the day working on an Urnes type interlace "Urnes". Style that I particularly like for its slender and almost "art nouveau" aesthetic that emerges. A hyper interesting work that requires to be carried away by the curves keeping in mind a certain logic. Between mathematics and poetry. (and aspirine =) ) In any case there is nothing better to clear your head and think of nothing else. I will be happy to show it in full once it is finished ... suspense   (...)

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